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Orgasm Spot – Pencil Drawing
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Orgasm Spot – Pencil Drawing


During the ecstasy of love we bound ourselves to the adventure of discovery, and this pen and pencil drawing is the height of that carnal emotion that we feel but cannot describe. Allowing the moment to transfer us beyond this worldly plan. ‘Orgasm Spot’ is the creation of all these things and created using the unique skills of artist Russ Snedker. Available as a an original piece of art. 189cm x 143 on board.

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This provocative subject brings the non-physical to the physical together to unite the mystery and determination of the orgasm. An original piece of artwork by Artist Russ Snedker using pen and pencil techniques. A strong organic art piece that needs little introduction.


Original artwork with no prints.


Personally signed and certificate of authenticity is provided.

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