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Russ Snedker Art Choice #12 – PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls Program
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Russ Snedker Art Choice #12 – PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls Program

Russ Snedker Art Choice #12 – PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls Program

Hi Russ here. It’s time again for me to chose other great artworks from around the world and this month I had to mention the PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls Program, which has been designed to save the world’s oceans one mural at a time.

Combining art and activism, the PangeaSeed Foundation is a Hawaii-based nonprofit organization that is doing its part to help save Earth’s waters with its “Sea Walls: Artists For Oceans” international mural program. Since its inception in 2014, over 350 ocean-themed murals have been painted in 15 countries by the organization’s network of over 300 artists. With activations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Mexico, and several other locations around the globe, the initiative engages the public and educates the world about critical environmental issues threatening our most precious resources through art, film screenings, and discussions.

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