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20ft Under – Underwater Art and Fashion Photography – Exhibition & talk
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20ft Under – Underwater Art and Fashion Photography – Exhibition & talk

20ft Under – Underwater Art and Fashion Photography – Exhibition & talk

Join Russ at the Literary and Scientific Institute, Bridport on 20th April 2019, and learn about the challenges involved with this kind of medium, working with models and the problems of shooting in an aquarium of 65,000 fish, a TV production crew, safety divers and assistants…

About the Artist

Russ is a Visual Artist, he was born in Dorset. His first sculptures won him Apprentice of the Year awarded by the National Association of Monumental Masons far too long ago to remember for his comfort! He is now settled back in the UK in Bridport after living abroad for many years where he creates work in mixed media, ink and graphite and works digitally with his love of the ocean featuring in many of his pieces. He is passionate about helping to raise awareness of the waste which is dumped in our oceans and wants to help protect them for future generations.

Russ also creates mesmerising sculptures using his experiences as inspiration. Russ lost all his work in a disastrous fire in St. Michael’s, Bridport in July 2018 but now has a new studio in Unit 10, Studio 9, St. Michael’s Trading Estate.

Before coming to Bridport Russ painted, illustrated and photographed for hotels such as the St Regis, Crown Plaza, W Hotel, Desert Palm (Per Aquum resorts and spas) and private collectors globally. His paintings have been exhibited and sold in B&B Italia, an international interior design outlet and Bold Interior Design, he has had a collaboration with international artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke exhibiting at Art Dubai as well as exhibiting his work in the UK over the past few years. He has been a nominee in the International Color Awards Photography Awards and been awarded Honorary Colour Master six times. Russ was chosen for his skills to shoot for the TV series ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ creating fabulous underwater fashion images with costumes designed by international fashion designer Furne Amato. Some of these pieces are showing at the LSI.

Russ was also the official photographer for the opening of the Armani Hotel Dubai and shot reportage style behind the scenes shots of the Armani fashion show preparation as well as the catwalk show and many other images for a beautiful coffee table book. Russ has also photographed a book on the Kama Sutra for the publishing giant Dorling Kindersley and said: ‘if I’d earned a quid for all the people wanting to assist me on that job I’d be a wealthy man!’ Russ has enjoyed shooting many commercial and editorial ventures, once hanging crazily out of a helicopter 1000m above the ground on a makeshift harness that was more like an old dog lead, shooting the world’s tallest building: the Burj Khalifa Dubai, for the movie Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol.

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